walmart: evil or evil AND the best.

okay so normally, i will not post anything here that i bought new, but sometimes i do buy things new and occasionally they are as rad as this.

so. my mom wanted to pick me up some pj pants for christmas, and, because she hates shopping, she wanted me to pick them out myself. so i'm looking through the absolutely destroyed sleepwear section of walmart that is full of xxs and 3xl sized pj pants and i found this treasure:


anyways, it was seven dollars. it is under the label 'gotham girls' i guess for the new cartoon, which i clearly must watch.

i went back to see if there were any other styles, like poison ivy or catwoman, but there were none :(

i also found out that this is a pajama top. dude.


  1. i saw that shirt there! it's awesome.

  2. I want a Harley Quinn one.