sorry i've been drinking a lot

modcloth has been making me so lazy at clothes. the clothes are neat and cute and they fit. UGH WHAT A NIGHTMARE. anyways, i happened to be in possession of a tripod the other night and i took some pictures of some clothes i own. they were not particularly inspired but an update is an update.

let's proceed.

ooh tyra be mad i got my hand by my face. my sweet nixon watch, is something i'm wearing. and also a long sweater thing bought with pride from the orillia square mall stitches during their midnight madness christmas shopping night (which means they are open until 11pm so is actually inaccurate).

shit guys here's a thing: my kensie girl heels from modcloth. then socks from the bay. FUCK. i was doing well.

welp. next time i'll actually be showing you this neat 80s top i got from goodwill. so come back?