visual trickery (drawing the eye up)

preeach, jenna.

i decided that being short is no reason to actually look short in pictures. so i put on 5 inch heels and jumped on the edge of my bathtub. voilà! 7ft tall.

so you may remember the shirt i'm wearing from this post before i cut it up to become the shirt you see here. improvements, generally. except that it won't really stay on my body very well. personally, i don't mind, but maybe not great in the cold. we'll see. 

i'm not sure anyone on lookbook has ever been hyped when you can visibly see thigh fat, just as an aside. i would like to see the correlation between most hypes and thigh circumference. skinny people could just be more fashionable overall, i guess.  but srsly just scan through the top looks everyday and think 'if i made the 3oh3 hand gesture, would that person's thigh fit in the oh?' the answer will 99.9% of the time be yes. 

i really need to cut my bangs but i was thinking i might just grow them out now? i dunno.

also it is just cold enough out now that i have the urge to listen to Fleet Foxes on a loop constantly. it's so lovely and cosy like a giant mug of tea or a A+ hug. it sounds like softly falling snow and holding hands.


mayer hawthorne + crème brûlée earl grey tea

for my next trick, i will hibernate with tea and soul music instead of going to management class.

doesn't my messy ugly apartment look lovely with this filter? i promise my love affair with the 'Melissa' filter on Pixlr-Express will be short lived. isn't it charming how candid i am about my lack of photo editing skills and my reliance on free web-based clients? i hope so.

so. i'm wearing a small men's Mayer Hawthorne concert tee from his recent-ish show at The Opera House (which was amaaaaazing). before i saw him live i was concerned that he always sounded flat on his record, but that must have been a stylistic choice because that muhfucka can sing. most of the rest of what i'm wearing is from Modcloth.

except the shoes which are clearly Jeffrey Campbell. i talked to a girl on the subway last night who was wearing the 99s while i was wearing these. she was super lovely and we bonded over shoe-lust. i should have gotten her digits so i put up a missed connections ad. <3 please email me cute JC girl.
but most importantly THE TEA. this magical tea is from Golden Mint. that link will take you to Yelp were you can read my spectacular review.
this tea requires no milk or sugar. i recommend it for all earl grey fans who want to mix it up a little. you don't even really need a tea ball, the steeped loose tea will just sink to the bottom of the cup.
time to buckle down and do some school work. peace out, interweb.

my beautiful dark twisted fantasy that i had when i was 15 and goth but have totally grown out of by now

how bout that new kanye album? dayum. the album title makes me laugh though. srsly how would you finish a sentence that starts with "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy...."

a)  that i shared with the melodramatic community when i blogged there in 2002
b) that involves James Spader in Secretary telling me to eat four peas while i listen to Lady Venom  by Swollen Members
c) is the title of the new yeezy album OOOH SHE A GOLDDIGGA

baha. no but i really love it.


when i go to bed at night, i always think 'damn what a great outfit, too bad i'm sleeping in it and no one will every see it.' well never fucking fear because i am probably one of the few people to consistently take pictures of the clothes i sleep in. of all of the seven deadly sins, sloth is probs on my top three. that's probably not great?

i'm having a love affair with plaid flannel right now. its warm enough for winter and so comfy that i can't bear to take it off before bed. not sure how long this love affair will last but i'm cool with it for the time being. 

maybe one day i'll show you how i wear plaid flannel when i actually leave the house. and maybe i won't. 


i didn't promise you a rose garden

i don't actually wear leggings as pants because my ass is phat. i wore this to school today with a long cardigan so as to not make respectable people uncomfortable.

can anyone put an era to this top? i wanna say early 90s. i am in love with the shape of it, even though it is for someone with a smaller rack than me. 

yeah i'm bringing 'rack' back.





rill rill

posted my first lookbook look today. currently waiting for first hype I MEAN BEING SO COOL AND NOT GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.

Here are the outtakes:

if i fail at lookbook i will blame it on my weight and not at all on my obviously excellent sense of style. i wore this shit to the ratatat concert the other night and drunk hipsters in the bathroom complemented me, which is basically the same as getting validation from the internet.  

in serious fashion talk though, those black Forever21 wedges that cost me 30$ are probably the best value for money i've gotten in a long time. you can't even buy ice cream for 30$ anymore. i need 24k gold flakes on that shit.


bitches love my new haircut

So the trend in hair these days seems to be natural, straightish and very long.

Well fuck that. Thick bangs will still be around for awhile, probably. and maybe i just wanted to have a little fun. 

one more year of school before i have to grow up fo reals.

hairs by Kat at Glam 


good morning pt. 3 [it's only 2pm shut up]

this is the end of the pictures i took in july so wow maybe i should take some more. maybe wearing an outfit. maybe wearing a bra.

oh anyways this is a pretty good estimate of what i look like when i wake up for reals except in real life, i look more upset, and my face is puffy.

bed is my favourite and i never want to leave. if i could sleep until 2pm and go to bed at 3am  that would be ideal.

also: despite her talk, i bet lady gaga looks something like this in the morning. (okayi'llshutupaboutladygaga)


goodmorning pt. 2 [juice for my hangover]

I know my last post was kinda vague.

Recently I was inspired by my pyjamas. I woke up, with a minor hangover, and nothing much to do (okay it was the day of the world cup final so everyone was busy except me) and was just in love with the way i looked. Tits sagging underneath my shirt, hair-do from the night before falling out, makeup smeared just a bit ( what can I say, I buy MAC and it even looks great in the morning). There's not a hell of a lot of pretence to your 'look' when you wake up in the morning.

Anyways, here is my pyjama regimen: whatever shirt I was wearing that day, take off bra, put on sweatshorts (because it's summer). These are the clothes that I live in. Faded tank tops and comfy shorts. These are the clothes that I make breakfast in, and during school, the clothes that I write essays in. They are often the clothes I take off before I fuck. I've even been known to change into pyjamas around midnight when we have friends over (i'm usually drunk and fed up with the constriction of regular clothes). Everyone else is wearing jeans, and I sneak into the bedroom to take off my underwear and throw on my cozy pink leopard print pj pants from Zellers. 

I have more gorgeous shoes than any human needs, and sure I wear them when I can, along with pencil skirts, vintage inspired dresses, or even neon hoodies and sneakers. But I have a shit-ton of good times in my sleep wear. 4am trips to McDonalds with Rehab. Late nights watching The Wire or Buffy with Brent <3. 

Also sometimes grocery shopping.  I've never understood the general consensus from fashion-types that one's pjs or sweatpants belong at home and are disgraceful when worn in public. I can very easily throw on a dress and heels and run to the convenience store, only to change back into my pj's when I get home. But I'd rather strangers knew I was confident enough in myself to grab some Pepsi Max in my pjs. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the biggest dichotomy in my fashion 'persona' is between comfort and class. It's not a particularly rare struggle-- if you're going out for the day wearing a nice outfit, the biggest question is usually 'BUT DO I WEAR THE NICE SHOES OR THE COMFY SHOES ZOMG'. But I try to not do much in the mediorcre middle. It's Zellers pjs, or Jeffrey Campbell wedges. 

There's a lot of truth in the clothes that you sleep in. Don't be afraid to show that off.


goodmorning pt. 1 [yesterday's makeup]

wake up in the morning feeling like p. diddy

got my glasses i'm out the door i'm gonna hit the city


book fashion

as you may or may not know, gentle internet, i am currently completing a master's degree in information. wtf is that? you are mostly likely asking yourself. that sounds boring and i came to this blog to be entertained by a lot of pictures and colourful things! you are supposed to be blogging about fashion or something so shut up! pictures! links which lead me to items i can purchase! 


*two shelves of black-spined books not shown because i was using the wrong lens and couldn't get a wide enough shot*
So one night, I decided to (get drunk and) organize my bookshelf by colour. During my studies I learned about all kinds of complicated multi-faceted organizational schemes with which one best organizes shit. but see the whole point of organizing something, is so that you can find it again, preferably easily. when you're organizing a billion books then yeah you need some kind of organizational scheme that makes it easy to identify one book from the next. and most people, with their personal collections either don't organize at all, or they alphabetize. 

what's kinda neat is that brent and i may not know the author of a book (especially rando non-fiction, or the editor of a collection of fiction) but we definitely know what colour the spine is. and while i pretty much just did it because i was bored and thought it would look cool, it's actually pretty useful. who knew pretty could be useful?


hi, park!

today, me 'n brent 'n danielle went to high park to see the cherry blossom trees. if anyone out there on the internet is snickering at the name 'high park', i am from a town with a 'cooch park' (short for Couchiching) so you should probably snicker at that instead.  we were basically a week or two late for the cherry blossoms but one tree was still blooming and the park was generally lovely and full of naturosity and old people walking slowly and seriously.

i also did something that serious bloggers tend to do which is wear good clothes out in public. i even forced brent to take a couple pictures of me in these good clothes so that i could prove this to you all.

so here's me and danielle (who is hiding) relaxing casually on a bench. i am  trying to have good posture and failing. 

is that the side my heart is on? that's what i was going for. although dr. spaceman told me that we have no way of knowing where the heart is. he's an excellent physician, and a pretty good dentist.

apparently, my purse is trying to escape.

my dress, shoes, and purse are all from modcloth. my tights are from urban outfitters.


in the navy

so this is my saliorette shirt. i found it at the orillia goodwill and took out the shoulder pads. it's big because in the 80s everyone wanted to wear huge clothes that made them look fat. i mean...FASHION (for skinny people only).

my closet is a mess. I HIDE NOTHING FROM THE INTERNET.


sorry i've been drinking a lot

modcloth has been making me so lazy at clothes. the clothes are neat and cute and they fit. UGH WHAT A NIGHTMARE. anyways, i happened to be in possession of a tripod the other night and i took some pictures of some clothes i own. they were not particularly inspired but an update is an update.

let's proceed.

ooh tyra be mad i got my hand by my face. my sweet nixon watch, is something i'm wearing. and also a long sweater thing bought with pride from the orillia square mall stitches during their midnight madness christmas shopping night (which means they are open until 11pm so is actually inaccurate).

shit guys here's a thing: my kensie girl heels from modcloth. then socks from the bay. FUCK. i was doing well.

welp. next time i'll actually be showing you this neat 80s top i got from goodwill. so come back?


gooodbye, ruby shoesdays

this post is a farewell to two pairs of beautiful, vintage, sherwood forest mall goodwill shoes that i scored last spring. since then, i have worn them a total of zero times because they don't even remotely fit me. i get excited when i find such pretties! even when i know i can't wear them. i will be donating them soon to someone with smaller feet than me.

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