mayer hawthorne + crème brûlée earl grey tea

for my next trick, i will hibernate with tea and soul music instead of going to management class.

doesn't my messy ugly apartment look lovely with this filter? i promise my love affair with the 'Melissa' filter on Pixlr-Express will be short lived. isn't it charming how candid i am about my lack of photo editing skills and my reliance on free web-based clients? i hope so.

so. i'm wearing a small men's Mayer Hawthorne concert tee from his recent-ish show at The Opera House (which was amaaaaazing). before i saw him live i was concerned that he always sounded flat on his record, but that must have been a stylistic choice because that muhfucka can sing. most of the rest of what i'm wearing is from Modcloth.

except the shoes which are clearly Jeffrey Campbell. i talked to a girl on the subway last night who was wearing the 99s while i was wearing these. she was super lovely and we bonded over shoe-lust. i should have gotten her digits so i put up a missed connections ad. <3 please email me cute JC girl.
but most importantly THE TEA. this magical tea is from Golden Mint. that link will take you to Yelp were you can read my spectacular review.
this tea requires no milk or sugar. i recommend it for all earl grey fans who want to mix it up a little. you don't even really need a tea ball, the steeped loose tea will just sink to the bottom of the cup.
time to buckle down and do some school work. peace out, interweb.

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