i didn't promise you a rose garden

i don't actually wear leggings as pants because my ass is phat. i wore this to school today with a long cardigan so as to not make respectable people uncomfortable.

can anyone put an era to this top? i wanna say early 90s. i am in love with the shape of it, even though it is for someone with a smaller rack than me. 

yeah i'm bringing 'rack' back.





rill rill

posted my first lookbook look today. currently waiting for first hype I MEAN BEING SO COOL AND NOT GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.

Here are the outtakes:

if i fail at lookbook i will blame it on my weight and not at all on my obviously excellent sense of style. i wore this shit to the ratatat concert the other night and drunk hipsters in the bathroom complemented me, which is basically the same as getting validation from the internet.  

in serious fashion talk though, those black Forever21 wedges that cost me 30$ are probably the best value for money i've gotten in a long time. you can't even buy ice cream for 30$ anymore. i need 24k gold flakes on that shit.


bitches love my new haircut

So the trend in hair these days seems to be natural, straightish and very long.

Well fuck that. Thick bangs will still be around for awhile, probably. and maybe i just wanted to have a little fun. 

one more year of school before i have to grow up fo reals.

hairs by Kat at Glam