can i be nostalgic for 2006 yet?

in 2006 i was in second year undergrad. and for the first time in my life i had a decent amount of cash, since i was selling shooters at a strip club. i spent that cash on smirnoff ice and designer jeans. i  somehow managed to do all my school work during the day, and was absolutely smashed every night, especially when i was working. it was a magical time when beyonce was getting us to throw all our exes shit in a box to the left and jt brought sexy back. nelly furtado had a baby and got promiscuous, in that order. james blunt was fuckiiiiiiingg hiiiiiiiiighhhhh. and t-pain was in love with a stripper, a song i think the dancers at the club fought over every night, but i was mostly too busy drinking free shots to really notice. 

other than the stress of working, in a round about way, for the hell's angels, it was a very blissful time. i always had cash. i always had a stocked bar. i was learning literary theory. and i didn't understand how to be hip or indie or whatever the cool people were in 2006. but i could finally afford to spend $300 on a pair of jeans, which made me pretty pleased. 

as the years passed and leggings emerged and jeans got skinny, my flared true religion jeans of 2006 sat and collected dust in my closet. but i could never bring myself to throw them out. they had meant a lot to me at the time, a symbol of how hard i worked to afford the brands other girls at uwo could just charge to their dad's credit card. 

so now, in the summer of 2011, only five years later, i've just moved for the second time in the last few months, dragging along with me my true religion jeans and a few other clothing relics. 

and. well. i wanna wear these bitches again. so i decided to cut them up into shorts. and i thought i might document the before and after process.

look at that style. that's the kinda girl you could buy enough jagerbombs for and she'll pretty much do whatever you want. check out those dirty converse sneaks. at least i don't often look like that bitch anymore.

maybe not worth $300 but those are some damn nice shorts. $11 forever 21 jeans just don't hug your ass like that high quality denim, i gotta say.