hi, park!

today, me 'n brent 'n danielle went to high park to see the cherry blossom trees. if anyone out there on the internet is snickering at the name 'high park', i am from a town with a 'cooch park' (short for Couchiching) so you should probably snicker at that instead.  we were basically a week or two late for the cherry blossoms but one tree was still blooming and the park was generally lovely and full of naturosity and old people walking slowly and seriously.

i also did something that serious bloggers tend to do which is wear good clothes out in public. i even forced brent to take a couple pictures of me in these good clothes so that i could prove this to you all.

so here's me and danielle (who is hiding) relaxing casually on a bench. i am  trying to have good posture and failing. 

is that the side my heart is on? that's what i was going for. although dr. spaceman told me that we have no way of knowing where the heart is. he's an excellent physician, and a pretty good dentist.

apparently, my purse is trying to escape.

my dress, shoes, and purse are all from modcloth. my tights are from urban outfitters.


in the navy

so this is my saliorette shirt. i found it at the orillia goodwill and took out the shoulder pads. it's big because in the 80s everyone wanted to wear huge clothes that made them look fat. i mean...FASHION (for skinny people only).

my closet is a mess. I HIDE NOTHING FROM THE INTERNET.