book fashion

as you may or may not know, gentle internet, i am currently completing a master's degree in information. wtf is that? you are mostly likely asking yourself. that sounds boring and i came to this blog to be entertained by a lot of pictures and colourful things! you are supposed to be blogging about fashion or something so shut up! pictures! links which lead me to items i can purchase! 


*two shelves of black-spined books not shown because i was using the wrong lens and couldn't get a wide enough shot*
So one night, I decided to (get drunk and) organize my bookshelf by colour. During my studies I learned about all kinds of complicated multi-faceted organizational schemes with which one best organizes shit. but see the whole point of organizing something, is so that you can find it again, preferably easily. when you're organizing a billion books then yeah you need some kind of organizational scheme that makes it easy to identify one book from the next. and most people, with their personal collections either don't organize at all, or they alphabetize. 

what's kinda neat is that brent and i may not know the author of a book (especially rando non-fiction, or the editor of a collection of fiction) but we definitely know what colour the spine is. and while i pretty much just did it because i was bored and thought it would look cool, it's actually pretty useful. who knew pretty could be useful?