my beautiful dark twisted fantasy that i had when i was 15 and goth but have totally grown out of by now

how bout that new kanye album? dayum. the album title makes me laugh though. srsly how would you finish a sentence that starts with "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy...."

a)  that i shared with the melodramatic community when i blogged there in 2002
b) that involves James Spader in Secretary telling me to eat four peas while i listen to Lady Venom  by Swollen Members
c) is the title of the new yeezy album OOOH SHE A GOLDDIGGA

baha. no but i really love it.


when i go to bed at night, i always think 'damn what a great outfit, too bad i'm sleeping in it and no one will every see it.' well never fucking fear because i am probably one of the few people to consistently take pictures of the clothes i sleep in. of all of the seven deadly sins, sloth is probs on my top three. that's probably not great?

i'm having a love affair with plaid flannel right now. its warm enough for winter and so comfy that i can't bear to take it off before bed. not sure how long this love affair will last but i'm cool with it for the time being. 

maybe one day i'll show you how i wear plaid flannel when i actually leave the house. and maybe i won't. 

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