visual trickery (drawing the eye up)

preeach, jenna.

i decided that being short is no reason to actually look short in pictures. so i put on 5 inch heels and jumped on the edge of my bathtub. voilà! 7ft tall.

so you may remember the shirt i'm wearing from this post before i cut it up to become the shirt you see here. improvements, generally. except that it won't really stay on my body very well. personally, i don't mind, but maybe not great in the cold. we'll see. 

i'm not sure anyone on lookbook has ever been hyped when you can visibly see thigh fat, just as an aside. i would like to see the correlation between most hypes and thigh circumference. skinny people could just be more fashionable overall, i guess.  but srsly just scan through the top looks everyday and think 'if i made the 3oh3 hand gesture, would that person's thigh fit in the oh?' the answer will 99.9% of the time be yes. 

i really need to cut my bangs but i was thinking i might just grow them out now? i dunno.

also it is just cold enough out now that i have the urge to listen to Fleet Foxes on a loop constantly. it's so lovely and cosy like a giant mug of tea or a A+ hug. it sounds like softly falling snow and holding hands.

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