yeller jeans (up high in banana treee)

oh yeller jeans. i love you deeply.

i don't have a picture of my own yeller jeans, because i'm at my parents house right now in my old room from high school which is painted red. you'd be surprised how hard it is (for someone with no photography skills) to take nice pictures in a red room. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED.

(be surprised now)

so this is a random adorable girl who lives on the internet wearing her yeller jeans.

these might be ralph lauren. i don't care because i'm bad at blogging about fashion. my yeller jeans may or may not be from stitches. they look exactly the same.

you might be thinking: i know this girl who writes these words and while her jeans may look the same as this cute blonde girl, that is about the only thing the same about their appearances, esp. in the hipsassthighcalves(c)ankles region.

you are a pretty mean friend, is what i think back to that!


srsly though. i am not stupid, and will probs always wear a long top with my yeller jeans. so everyone doesn't have to look at my big yeller ass. i am always thinking of these tricks!

i have bigger breasts than that cute blonde girl.


  1. much bigger. But seriously , blog more, i believe you must do this for my sake alone.

    Also have you been to Renaissance Man yet? its a men's consignment store on younge (between wellesley and college), run by quite possibly the most honest and genuine person i've ever had the pleasure of spending a toronto moment** with. The prices are pretty good, some are steals some are high, but it is all relative, also it is the size of a bachelor apartment, which makes it all the more intimate, its like a treasure hunt ducking and bending to find stuff.

    **toronto moments are moments where your travelling along either walking fast or the TTC and you suddenly stop/have a conversation with someone for no particular reason, and on 100 different occasions you wouldnt even make eye contact cause you have sensory overload and your single minded. I had that today with a girl and her dog on the streetcar, but the most meaniful was at RenMan (oh ya i just nicknamed it, I;ve been twice)

    Patrick OUT

  2. so i walk past RenMan (i approve of the nickname) basically every day as i walk to and from school. i never stop because i am a busy bee and i do that half hour walk a few times a day. but i look in the window and think 'gee wouldn't it be great if i wasn't getting a masters degree and could browse you?'

    i plan on blogging more. i need a better camera, and a tripod. i also need to figure out what i'm really blogging about. although i like blogging vaguely about things i wear, it seems to be working for me.

    toronto moments are the best!