a night at the roxton (ha. ha.)

So the other night, I was invited out to The Roxton for a friend of a friend's birthday. I wasn't planning on wearing anything particularly neat or interesting, but when I threw on a tee shirt and jeans my boyfriend said "....is THAT what you're wearing?"

So I said FUCK YOU NO IT ISN'T. I mean please this is bloor and ossington we're talking about. Hipsters live there now, gotta step it up.

So I remembered the last time I went to Goodwill (surprise, surprise) and I found these amazing curtains from some fly kid's bedroom. I said I MUST HAVE and bought them for three bucks. I gotta admit, I don't have a before picture (although I have lots of material left over) because I was hella drunk when I put this together. It's lucky took pictures at all.

So yeah. I just cut a long strip of these curtains, threw 'em around me, knotted it a few times because it was too long, and tied a pretty bow. Then fastened it all temporarily with paper clips (for reals, it stayed together fine the whole night even).

On my arms I am wearing American Apparel Thigh High Socks if you can believe it. Ladeez, this is what they look like when they FIT. Which apparently only happens when your thighs are zombie thin. Mine aren't. They look like hell on my thighs, but awesome on my arms, so I figure that's a good compromise.

Basically, when I am drunk sometimes I can make cute things from fly things.

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