the fat man's golf shirt: a fairy tale

once upon a time, at the sherwood forest mall goodwill*, there lived a fat man's golf shirt. it was sky blue and neon orange, which made all the other fat man's golf shirts jealous. one day, an open minded princess saw the delicious sky blue and neon orange golf shirt peeking out from amidst the gray, white and black on the rack. she scooped up the fat man's golf shirt! it was love at first sight...

but when the open minded princess got her prince home, it was not quite happily end times. while eating cupcakes, she snipped and sewed and absolutely did not measure anything first. she may have listened to lady gaga and britney spears on repeat in the 4 hours she toiled away over the fat man's golf shirt, but i can neither confirm nor deny that.

she even had to stop and wind a new bobbin at some point, which involved finding her sewing machine manual...

but finally, she found the true face of her prince!

damn that is one hot prince. that prince is fiiiiiiiine. can we see that prince one more time?


and so ends the story of the open minded princess and the hot messfest of a prince she found at the sherwood forest mall.

and they lived pretty happily ever after, even though most of the seams are unfinished.

*this is a real place. there is a sherwood forest mall in london, ontario. i highly recommend it.


  1. hey, its mallllllly!

    i love doing this to clothes i find in thrifstores too! i turned a power suit into this dress (the neckline is a lot lower than it looks causes it's a "wrap"):


  2. that's so hot! did you make those sleeeves? it looks like you have skills. i have this problem with having no patience. my sewing teacher in high school would get quite exasperated with my wavy stitching.