boston girl: a love story

on a very eventful trip to the orillia goodwill (which actually has outrageous prices now! i overheard thrifty moms complaining about ten dollars for a sweater...) one of my finds included this absolute monstrosity of a sweater with a cable knit V neck.

okay so its not completely monstrous. although it is a red-orange with navy blue accents! ah! i hastily tried it on and knew that i must have it.

this was the icing on the messfest cake. the tag reads 'boston girl'. omigoodness, i think! a genuine piece of boston girl couture! oh-la-la! je t'aime!

one of my biggest problems with goodwill shopping is that i completely ignore the fact that something is huge on me and buy it anyways. this was obviously one of those times. can you blame me? it was BOSTON GIRL. how to make this wearable? EASY!

snip snip snip. i cut off the sleeves. that's it. no unraveling for this baby--she's got big, sturdy seams.


luckily, that gaping-open-sleeve-with-tube-top-underneath look seems to be a thing right now. so i don't even have to sew up the sides (which is obviously too much work to put into a boston girl).

so it's not the most classy or beautiful garment in the world, but that's not what i was after. boston girl and i will drink reasonably priced coffee together while sharing moderate views about politics. <3

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