goodmorning pt. 2 [juice for my hangover]

I know my last post was kinda vague.

Recently I was inspired by my pyjamas. I woke up, with a minor hangover, and nothing much to do (okay it was the day of the world cup final so everyone was busy except me) and was just in love with the way i looked. Tits sagging underneath my shirt, hair-do from the night before falling out, makeup smeared just a bit ( what can I say, I buy MAC and it even looks great in the morning). There's not a hell of a lot of pretence to your 'look' when you wake up in the morning.

Anyways, here is my pyjama regimen: whatever shirt I was wearing that day, take off bra, put on sweatshorts (because it's summer). These are the clothes that I live in. Faded tank tops and comfy shorts. These are the clothes that I make breakfast in, and during school, the clothes that I write essays in. They are often the clothes I take off before I fuck. I've even been known to change into pyjamas around midnight when we have friends over (i'm usually drunk and fed up with the constriction of regular clothes). Everyone else is wearing jeans, and I sneak into the bedroom to take off my underwear and throw on my cozy pink leopard print pj pants from Zellers. 

I have more gorgeous shoes than any human needs, and sure I wear them when I can, along with pencil skirts, vintage inspired dresses, or even neon hoodies and sneakers. But I have a shit-ton of good times in my sleep wear. 4am trips to McDonalds with Rehab. Late nights watching The Wire or Buffy with Brent <3. 

Also sometimes grocery shopping.  I've never understood the general consensus from fashion-types that one's pjs or sweatpants belong at home and are disgraceful when worn in public. I can very easily throw on a dress and heels and run to the convenience store, only to change back into my pj's when I get home. But I'd rather strangers knew I was confident enough in myself to grab some Pepsi Max in my pjs. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the biggest dichotomy in my fashion 'persona' is between comfort and class. It's not a particularly rare struggle-- if you're going out for the day wearing a nice outfit, the biggest question is usually 'BUT DO I WEAR THE NICE SHOES OR THE COMFY SHOES ZOMG'. But I try to not do much in the mediorcre middle. It's Zellers pjs, or Jeffrey Campbell wedges. 

There's a lot of truth in the clothes that you sleep in. Don't be afraid to show that off.

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  1. are you telling me to walk around with my shirt off now? that's what i sleep in when it's hot as balls. i don't think the people would enjoy me wearing my sleep clothes in public.