three pictures and an excuse

so posting has been slow, i know. school is kicking my ass right now, and i have an overwhelming amount of work to do. i have no idea when posting will resume to some kind of schedule (although rest assured, i have lots of outfits to photograph!) so in the meantime, here are a few pictures i took with our new canon rebel xsi with a 50mm f1.8. i am still learning how to use it, but luckily, the other half seems to magically know a whole lot about cameras.

yeah, sports! i remember when the jays were more awesomer. i was a wee lass.

my yellow jeans and some ridiculous bling. i have gotten many compliments on this here bling. the girl at the store gave me a look for buying it, but i knew, i knew it was great.

hiiiiiiiiiiii. everyone can see my bluenotes graphic tee! oooooh nooooooes. pretend you didn't see!

i swear to god guys, i haven't been listening to the new Ke......$.....ha album but if you could stop being a little bitch with your chit chat, and show me where your dick's at, that'd be greeeeeeeeeeat.
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