the post-bar ensemble

it's the same as the bar ensemble, except comfier pants and messier hair.

$3 sambuca shots & $10 pitchers at a bar at College/Spadina we think was called John's Restaurant, but did not have any signage. the only other customer drank two pitchers to himself while he wrote furiously in a notebook. the musical ambiance was provided by an unnamed guitar duo who, among other things, played a slow-tempo version of Sublime's Santeria. in between sets they threw on a Gypsy Kings cd.

next was Supermarket which was just fine because at that point i couldn't have cared less where we were, as long as it was inside. goddamn it's been cold. much less eventful and i def wasn't dressed for it. my oversized sweater was just fine for John's Restaurant but maybe not for kensington. oh, i asked the bartender for a rye&coke and i got a rye&ginger. which was fine. but incorrect! i almost took a grey toque with a pom-pom off the floor but this friend i have stopped me. i hope it was found by its true owner, or else i'll be pissed.

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  1. hahaha you look so cute in the second picture... mostly because it looks like you're wearing socks on your hands.